GENLED Acolyte®
About Us


GENLED Acolyte is one of the world’s leading providers of architectural LED lighting solutions. Through our collaboration with international designers, our products are found in major installations around the globe, from first-class hotels and high-end restaurants to luxury homes and sparkling modern sports stadiums. We engineer, manufacture and assemble our premium components in our own facilities on three continents, and our customers can rely on our global network of local support staff. We offer custom design and fabrication, as well as a full line of fixtures, controls and mounting accessories -- all with world-class customer service that guarantees we can create any fixture to meet your designer’s specifications.

At GENLED Acolyte, we create fully integrated LED lighting systems with the highest standards of quality control. We use a two-step MacAdam ellipse binning process for white LEDs. Our LED design includes our proprietary PhosphorTech™ Phosphor and our patented RibbonLyte products feature an industry-leading 3-ounce copper base. By optimizing our LEDs this way, we ensure the most accurate color temperature, hue and CRI and provide better heat-sinking, improved efficiency and superior longevity. Our commitment to quality control ensures accurate color reproduction and standardized light quality throughout our entire product line, and we run photometric, spectral and colorimetric tests on all our LEDs before shipping. We offer a wide selection of aluminum fixture housings to boost their esthetics and performance.

One of the company’s primary goals is to "Never Stop Innovating," and we’ve proven that through 25 years with an unwavering focus on advancing the capabilities of LED lighting technology while introducing LEDs to the world. Innovations like our Variable White Amber RibbonLyte, which was first released in 2011, aid regulation of circadian rhythm and allow lighting designers to create unique lighting schemes with one singular engine. The use of this technology has seen massive growth which coincides with the release of numerous studies demonstrating the positive effects of managing the color temperature of interior lighting to regulate our body’s internal circadian rhythm, promoting improved mental and physical health and even boosting mood and energy. In our exterior fixtures, we utilize our proprietary Gel-Flush™ Technology. Released in 2017, this advancement prevents any breaches from harsh weather conditions to which exterior products are exposed. No leaking, no condensation, no weather-related breaches of any kind. Our Series 2 RibbonLyte, released in 2018, improved on our LED spacing and efficiency. Our latest additions include the Neon Contour and Neon Silhouette, two uniquely shaped flexible linear tubes that marry all the benefits of modern LEDs with the classic look of neon, and our Direct AC RibbonLyte, which can run up to 164 feet without using a driver. What’s next? Stay tuned …

We are GENLED Acolyte® -- your first choice for custom architectural lighting solutions.