4.5 Static White Micro RibbonLyte


We’ve introduced Static White Micro RibbonLyte for creating unique visual effects and precision lighting for tight spaces. It’s designed to fit into our new AS7, AR7, AS9, and AR9 channels. In 3 and 4.5 W/ft (9.8W/m and 14.8W/m), the IP20 and IP65 versions of this tape are only 0.20 inches wide


  • 4.5 W/ft (14.8 W/m)
  • 0.20 inch width (5 mm)
  • Fits in 0.30 inch
  • wide channel (7.60 mm)
  • 9 color temperatures of white
  • 90+ CRI
  • 2-Step MacAdam’s ellipse binning

Available in: