Classic AS3 Channel


Classic AS3 is a wide, low-profile channel. It is the widest of the Classic AS series. The 120-degree beam angle is ideal for a wide, even spread of light. This best-selling channel is great for cove applications, specifically when using our double-row RibbonLyte. Classic AS3 can be used in conjunction with our tiltable stands and includes


  • Width: 0.93" (23.6 mm), Height: 0.42" (10.7 mm), Internal Width: 0.81" (20.6 mm) 
  • Beam Angle 120°
  • Wattage Range from 1.5 W/ft (4.9 W/m) to 8.8 W/ft (28.9 W/m)
  • Delivered Lumen Range from 109.5 lm/ft (359 lm/m) to 738 lm/ft (2420 lm/m)

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