Lighting Your World

Lighting Your World

GENLED Brands® (formerly General LED) is a worldwide LED lighting solutions leader. With a global footprint of employees, factories, assembly facilities, distribution centers and sales offices on 6 of the 7 continents, GENLED Brands® strives to advance both technology and sustainability through its unparalleled commitment to progression.

GENLED Brands® is an industry pioneer and thought leader. We acquire companies and brands that work collaboratively and in an agile manner, and provide access to a global LED manufacturing, supply and distribution infrastructure that allows them to create leading-edge designs with real-world applications while developing products that meet the most stringent testing for performance, reliability and safety.

GENLED About LED Lighting

Industry professionals look to GENLED Brands® to “Light Up The World” with all kinds of LED systems. Headquartered in East Rutherford, NJ, GENLED Brands® includes GENLED Acolyte®, which provides unmatched custom architectural lighting solutions for interior and exterior projects, and GENLED AgiLight®, which offers premium innovative signage lighting.