Acolyte News Our goniophotometer makes IES files

Acolyte Makes IES Files

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Our goniophotometer makes IES files for our over 20,000 iterations of custom fixtures.

One of the most common reasons our customers choose Acolyte is our ability to make custom fixtures. With so many possible combinations of LEDs, lenses, channels, and controllers, there are thousands of different fixtures we’ve created for our customers. So, how do we provide accurate data for lighting calculations? Lots of testing with accurate, specialized equipment in our own facility.

Acolyte has boosted its testing capabilities with the acquisition of a goniophotometer. This equipment, coupled with our integrating spheres and photometers, allows us to generate photometric reports and IES files for any of our over 20,000 permutations of possible fixture combinations and custom fixture instantly.

The goniophotometer helps designers perform lighting calculations by providing illuminance charts, distribution maps, lumen calculations and lux readings. Light intensity and beam angle measurements assure that a lighting design puts light where it’s needed. 

Acolyte already publishes photometric reports for all of our RibbonLyte that contain data such as color fidelity, color temperature, and luminous flux. Now we will be testing all of our products with our goniophotometer - creating updated IES files and advanced reports that will be available on our website.

In the coming months we will provide this data for all of our fixtures. Keep checking out our website for additional IES files. If there’s a specific custom fixture you would like tested, let us know and we’ll do our best to get you an advanced report and IES file right away.