Acolyte Opens China Office in State of the Art Facility

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Acolyte Industries has opened a state of the art production facility in Shenzhen, in the Guangdong Province of China. The 12,000 square foot facility has the first fully automated linear LED production line in the world.

The facility is also furnished with Fuji Hi Speed SMT equipment with the capability to produce over 10,000 meters of LEDs per day. These advancements will allow Acolyte to manufacture products more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

The facility houses a clean room, a research and development center, a showroom, a warehouse, three production rooms, two packaging rooms, and a conference room. The floors, walls and ceilings of the clean room and production rooms were constructed with the latest anti-static materials to eliminate the buildup of static electricity. This quality focused production system is also completely free of human hands to ensure a consistent final product.

Computer driven quality control machines guarantee the best QC/QA process, said JR Guerrieri, Founder and CEO of Acolyte Industries. Closed circuit cameras and a video surveillance system are also in place to further monitor production and quality control.

With the new facility, Acolyte is taking our production and the company as a whole to the next level, said Alex Nicolaides, Vice President of Operations and Design of Acolyte Industries. This facility was exactly what we needed to achieve a manufacturing process that was efficient, quality driven, and up to the high standards that Acolyte Industries holds.