Acolyte's Employee of the Year

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Acolyte Industries is proud to announce that Company Director Drishti Moktan has been named Employee of the Year and of the Decade. Through her hard work and dedication, Drishti has helped Acolyte grow throughout good times and bad. Her financial and management expertise has allowed Acolyte to become as profitable as possible. Drishti has made key decisions and has hired first-rate personnel to continue the success of Acolyte.

Drishti started with Acolyte from its infancy and even worked for free during leaner times. During that time, Drishti worked as hard as if she were getting paid. It is with that work ethic and the great example that she sets, which will forever make her a moving force in the future success of Acolyte. To this day, Drishti is the backbone of Acolyte and continues to guide the company towards profitability, while ensuring the best for our employees.

With her incredible ability and steadfastness, Drishti has more than earned the titles of Employee of the Year and Employee of the Decade. We thank you for all that you’ve done. None of us would be here today if it was not for all of your hard work. Congratulations on being the first Acolyte Employee of the Year and the Decade.

Thank you. I am honored and humbled to be the first recipient of the Acolyte Employee of the Year and the Decade Award. I have grown with Acolyte, and learned a lot over the years. We started with only JR and I back in 2006. We gradually got more people to join our team, and now I can proudly say we have grown so much that our presence as a company is felt on an international level. I’ve had a number of people ask me whether I get tired of working for the same company for this long, but I haven’t. There are good days and bad days, but the good days outweigh the bad. Happiness and self-satisfaction matter a lot to me, and working at Acolyte, I get it all. I enjoy my work, and I love what I do. That’s what keeps me going.

I must thank my family for instilling hard work, loyalty and proper ethics in me. These qualities have served as the core principles in my career and everything else I do. I am proud to say it has paid off, and my hard work has been recognized. My family has been very supportive, and I must thank them especially for taking care of my personal life, so I could concentrate more at work.

I also owe a lot to JR. He has been such a positive influence and a great mentor to me. I have learned a lot seeing him function in an office environment. He is a remarkable human being, and an extremely knowledgeable person. I have always looked up to him.

Lastly, I would like to thank the entire Acolyte staff for their love and support. Acolyte is my second family, and all of the employees are very dear to me. I may be hard at times, but I only want the best for them, as they are a very talented group. Talent combined with hard work is our route to greater success. As the Company Director, I promise to continue to direct and promote the success of Acolyte.

- Drishti Moktan, February 10th, 2014