AgiLight® Cabinet Signs Offer the Highest Lumen Packages on the Market

Date: April 28, 2011

April 28, 2011 San Antonio, TX “Built Bright and Built Tough” might best explain AgiLight’s new family of CABINET SIGN LED lighting systems. AgiLight, a leader in the sign lighting industry, launches its CABINET SIGN “Solo” at 400 lumens/foot single face and its CABINET SIGN “Duo” at 800 lumens/foot double face. The products are available at multiple brightness levels to help customers meet the highest expectations for sign lighting projects and at the same time, to provide cost effective solutions for these projects. “AgiLight is known for bringing technically advanced and high performing products to the market. Our new CABINET SIGN family of LED sign lighting products delivers unmatched brightness and the durable, rugged design that our products are known for,” said Jeff Barton, AgiLight Sales Director, “This product outperforms the competition by delivering brightness, long life and energy efficiency.” Backed by the AgiLight five year warranty, the CABINET SIGN “Solo” and “Duo” products are available in both 12 volt and 24 volt power configurations. The products can be constructed using either the quick slide mounting system or the off shelf mounting option giving customers flexibility in choice and design. Ruggedly built, the CABINET SIGNS feature the durable over-mold design and are IP66 waterproof-rated. The CABINET SIGN lighting solutions are LM79 and LM80 certified. Operating samples will be on display at AgiLight Booth 4766 at the ISA Sign Expo.