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Create Dynamic Light Scenes with Acolyte DMX Controllers!

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Did you ever notice how daylight at dawn and dusk appears warmer and more golden than it does at midday? With DMX lighting controls, you can replicate this effect for aesthetic appeal and even for health benefits.

For the Arlington Club Steak House in New York City, the restaurant wanted to create a towering arched glass ceiling that gave the appearance of skylights. Our Variable White Amber RibbonLyte was installed behind glass panels, and a DMX controller was used to automatically change the color temperature of the lighting throughout the afternoon and evening. Cool 5500K daylight at high brightness slowly fades into a dim amber glow as the evening progresses. The effect is remarkably dramatic and complex, but for the restaurant, the controls take place automatically.

DMX is a digital communications standard created in 1986 to control theatrical lighting and effects. It is now also used for color changing LED applications in architectural lighting projects - including the lighting of building exteriors and interiors as well as accent lighting in retail, hospitality and residential lighting applications.

DMX allows you to do really interesting things. It allows a sports venue adjust the lighting to match a team’s colors, it allows a company match their lighting to their corporate colors. It even allows a nursing home use cool white light in the day and amber at night to allow for patient care, without disrupting the patients’ circadian rhythms.

DMX controllers help create chases, fades, gradient scenes, integration of music to change with lights, sequencing of colors and levels, video integration, and even automatic, calendar-controlled lighting schemes. It does this by converting a digital signal from the controller to variable power outputs that change the intensity of each color. A simple touch of your finger can change color or brightness and manage scenes and lighting moods. 

We recommend DMX controls for any of our numerous color changing products. Our RibbonLyte, Panel Lytes, High Power Exterior fixtures, NeonLyte – they're all available in color changing versions that we recommend controlling with DMX. They can even be used to control our Static White LED products.