Acolyte News Introducing Glass Touch Wall Controller

Glass Touch Wall Controller

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The Glass Touch Wall Controller is Acolyte Industries' first proprietary DMX controller. It was designed to operate specifically with the needs of Acolyte's RGB and Variable White RibbonLyte in mind.

We have unique products and we knew that we needed a unique controller to operate with our system, says Alexander Nicolaides, Vice President of Operations and Design of Acolyte Industries. The Glass Touch Wall Controller was created to work precisely with our RGB and Variable White RibbonLyte. This controller is to the point, easy to use and looks very sleek.

The Glass Touch Wall Controller is available with a black or white face and can also have a company's logo printed onto it. Its touch capacitive design is smooth and modern with an easy to use dial spectrum. The RGB dial spectrum contains all of the colors of the rainbow, while the Variable White dial spectrum contains warm whites up to cool whites. Dialing a color to the controller is done with a simple swipe of the finger. For example, dialing the controller to purple will set RGB RibbonLyte to purple.
The Controller can be set to remember five different settings, manage different scenes and set lighting moods with a single touch. The Glass Touch Wall Controller will also remember the settings programmed into it after a power failure or shut down. There is also a smaller size Glass Touch Wall Controller designed for Europe and Asia.

Acolyte is proud to say that with our RibbonLyte and the Glass Touch Wall Controller, we provide full working systems under one roof. That's something many other manufacturers can't say. We're a one stop shop. You get the LEDs from us and you get the controls from us. You don't have to build your system piece by piece, going through several different manufacturers, says JR Guerrieri, CEO and Founder of Acolyte Industries. We not only want to provide customers with an amazing product, we want to erase all the headaches and extra, unnecessary work that goes into building a system like this. We truly provide Complete Integrated LED Lighting Solutions.
Note: Download the Glass Touch Wall Controller spec sheet here.