Acolyte News Introducing Super Populated RibbonLyte

Introducing Acolyte's Super Populated RibbonLyte

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Acolyte's new Super Populated series of RibbonLyte is designed to eliminate hot spots from individual LEDs. When installed into any of Acolyte's channels with a milky lens, individual LEDs become indecipherable, creating the appearance of a continuous stream of light. The Super Populated series comes in a range of wattages: 4.5, 6.0, and 6.5. The Super Populated 4.5 and 6.0 are exceptionally efficient. The 6.0 version provides an additional boost; enabling it to run longer lengths at a lower wattage. It is available in three color temperatures: 3000K, 4100K, and 6000K. The Super Populated 6.5 provides the highest lumen output of the three, at the highest wattage, and is available in the same color temperatures as the rest of our RibbonLytes - ranging from warm to cool. All three types in the series are available in a high CRI version, in IP65 and IP68 waterproof versions, and fit into any of our channels. With a seamless appearance, the new Super Populated RibbonLyte series will make future projects look pristine from any distance.