Acolyte News Introducing Variable White RibbonLyte

Introducing Acolyte's Variable White RibbonLyte

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Acolyte Industries' Variable White RibbonLyte provides a color temperature range from warm white tones to cool white tones all on one LED strip. This allows for the simple installation of a single product with immense versatility.

Variable White is available in 3.0 watts per foot and 6.0 watts per foot versions, and it is also dimmable. The 6.0 versions can be specified as either Variable White Amber or Variable White Red. The 6.0 versions have a color range of 1800K to 6500K. The 3.0 version is Variable White, and it has a color range from 2400K to 6500K. Acolyte's Variable White product line can create the ambiance of a warm and cozy restaurant at one moment, or the bright and welcoming white light of a showroom at another moment. With Variable White Amber RibbonLyte, you can mimic the changing color temperatures that naturally occur throughout the day. Variable White Red RibbonLyte's high CRI value and rich color palate breathes life into such spaces as retail and fresh produce displays.

With Variable White you're no longer confined to one color temperature. With one LED strip you can change the mood or feel of a room with very warm lights, all the way up to very intense white lights, says Hugo Pineda, Technical Director of Acolyte Industries. At Arlington Club Steakhouse we used Variable White Amber in a skylight facade to create the effect of sunlight shining through and changing brightness throughout the day. If you eat there in the morning and then eat there during the evening, you'll have a totally different feel each time. This was all done with Variable White Amber. People have a hard time telling the difference between our LEDs color changing, or if it's actually the sun shining through the skylight.

Variable White RibbonLyte combines an ease of use with changeability unlike any other LED available. Putting together dimming and color changing with a simple DMX system, the lighting possibilities with Variable White, Variable White Amber and Variable White Red are virtually limitless. Transform a room from a swank, dimly lit night club one night and then into a bright retail space the next.

This type of flexibility with color temperature changing really has never been seen before, says Alexander Nicolaides, Vice President of Operations and Design of Acolyte Industries. What I think is really great about this product is that it's been used in commercial spaces, restaurants, hotels and private residences. Variable White fits so many needs and so many locations, which makes it such a unique and practical product. With Variable White RibbonLyte you never have to specify a color temperature again.