Acolyte News AS20G Channel for uneaven textures

It's all about the Textures - AS20G Channel

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Acolyte's new AS20G Channel was designed to create depth and contrast on uneven surfaces. Specifically designed for grazing installations, the AS20G’s thin frame is only .61 inches wide and with it's 20° beam angle can be seamlessly integrated into interior details to create high contrast lighting that will emphasize the textures of any space.

Lighting a wall makes areas appear brighter and more spacious, and, in some environments, reveals the beauty of textured facades. Grazing is ideal for highlighting textured surfaces, such as brick and stone. Washing and grazing walls are two techniques for controlling how these surfaces, and the spaces they frame, are perceived.

We recommend using our AS20G channel where the subtlety of texture is an important design detail.